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SOuL Initiatives – 2

7 Nov

Jamnabai Narsee Youth for Environmental Sustainability

An Organization that endeavoured to raise awareness about the conservation and scarcity of water and various other issues in our local community. SOuL worked under JNYES and setup vermi-compost pits in local schools and societies. We also campaigned extensively in malls to spread the message of conservation on World Water Day 2012. JNYES was an incredibly successful organisation the management of which is credited to the students of Jamnabai who persevered in their efforts to bring about change.


SOuL Initiatives – 1

4 Nov

Asha Kiran Charitable Trust

The Asha Kiran Charitable Trust is a NGO that runs street schools on the footpaths of Mumbai suburbs. Children living in the vicinity avail of these schools. The schools are free and run by volunteers. They cater to different age groups but primarily for primary and middle school children. As part of SOuL, we taught English to the children studying on the pavement at Versova over a period of one year. Along with teaching them english, we also taught them the basics of math and the sciences. While conversing with some of the volunteers who worked with these children we began realising how fortunate some of us had been. In our time at this school, we became great friends and mentors to the students and some of us even had the esteemed opportunity to meet their families and visit their homes. It was indeed a moulding experience.

A Drop in an Ocean

25 Oct


We’ve built so many;

To fit our faces,

Hide the emotions within.



With paint smeared on them,

Halos and horns drawn on them.

Try and take it off.


In this ocean of lies,

A drop of truth.

In a sky of deception,

A cloud of promise.



You’ve never worn one,

Never wear one.

Your just a drop.


Yet you make the ocean so sweet,

A damp flicker in a world of black.

We fool no one but ourselves,

Learn from the masks;

Learn to never wear one.

Learn to be proud of your raw;

Warm and gentle heart.

It’s all you were born with

It’s all you will die with.



7 Oct

SOUL is a social initiative started by me designed to offer people over the world who wish to have a global platform to give their opinion on important issues both globally and locally. More details about SOul can be found in the file attached here – SOUL

I do hope that you will write in with your views and opinions as the more contributors the initiative has the stronger it is and the more momentum it will gain. SOuL is currently only in an offline form but I intend to extend it onto the larger platform the internet has to offer.

Thank You and I hope you will join in as well!