Feeling Numb

11 Sep
College has begun and the overwhelming feeling is one of numbness. Numbness not because of the lack of emotions one experiences in the opening weeks quite the contrary, the wide range of emotions leaves only one feeling; numbness.
Its like you knew it,
Destined to fail. Beginning,
But never quite ending. Everything,
That begins must end. And yet,
You’re held at ransom. Unsure,
Spoilt by that image.
What did he say? The more 
I love mankind as a whole,
The less I love man. He’s right,
Chinks, flaws become tragedies.
The love story doesn’t end.
Doesn’t progress. You’re stuck,
In a limbo. Out on a limb, 
Fixing it is possible. Only to learn,
Only to learn, mending it isn’t.
And then, its somewhere else.
Maybe it always was. You’re feeling numb.
Its broken down. You’ve broken down.
Back up again. You’re on your feet.
You never fell, but thought it all.
Strange as it may seem. Numb,
Is a necessity.
You need it. Need someone.
Anyone. They’re all gone.
You’re gone. Just found yourself.
You’re there. Miles to go. Just begun,
You’ve reached the end.

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