When The Clock Strikes

22 Jul

‘Tis been a while…
Dust on the ground, the clock,
On the mantle, ticking along.
Awaken, there’s not much to see,
Life has caught up.

Reality, overtaken, the headlights beam
But the red doesn’t last, on goes the rise.
Speed never enough if ever too much.
The hand is at 15. The speed,
Approaching infinity, no limits.

And it goes on, rise.
There’s darkness all over, eyes blind,
Look ’round. Look again. Run.
More than what you’ll see, what you feel.
See the light, breathe, now at 30.

Insanity slows down, it’s reached the centre.
Nowhere to go, abuzz with madness.
Body, an instrument, sanity stricken.
Seen 45, got to move on. Insanity,
Still alive. Surreal, the end imagined.

Closing in, infinity is distant, the dust further still,
Life has bowed, but reality. Reality eludes. Unclear.
60 has struck, it’s not an end, must begin.
Again it starts, from none to all. But reality,
A fools imagination.


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