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All about Love.

5 Apr

(Special thanks to A.D. for all the late nights we spent debating about love.)

Thats the beauty isn’t it,
Some say love comes softly.
In the movies all the heroes fuss
Their femme halves adding drama.
But sometimes, in real life;
Love does come softly.
Love comes uninvited. Like that aunt,
The one who makes plans to come
But doesn’t then. Landing up when you
Expect her least.
The truth being the cardinal one
Love comes and goes and in it all
Behaving like water; slowly, surely alters
Our shapes as human rocks.
You won’t know it. Love is a silent visitor.
She makes the universe seem in line,
Even for that short moment…
Infiniti…Immortality anythings possible.
To those who say come back to earth,
Why? Asks love.
God resides in the skies.
And with that belief in our front pocket
The stars reflect eyes we yearn to see.