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Affairs of the Heart

8 Mar

Right after I wrote this poem I gave it to this old friend of mine to read (partly because she gives good feedback and partly because she’s always full of praise) anyway, her first reaction was, and I quote, “Have you had to ever experience such pain?” and that struck me more than anything anyone has told me about this poem since. If you want an honest answer, I’d say no. But thats a conscious answer. Poetry though, as a great person once said, “Is the voice of the sub-concious.”

In that rather solemn note, I leave you to it.

When it began, it couldn’t end.The height, depth and breadth
Of life began and ended with the love.
Loved him, moved on…a tear
Was good enough. Better forgotten.
Along came another,
You see, it never ends. But,
The pillars though, if you knock them down
You’re on your own.

Affairs of the heart never to be questioned,
Better accepted and left to be.
Some never give up and some easily so,
Limits to adhere…the heart doesn’t have any.
A glass shatters, No,
The hearts intact. Affairs of the heart.
Its been hurt and has hurt enough.

Doesn’t strike hard. Comes softly still.

And when you don’t expect it to be,
You’re out. The new one kicked you through.
Affairs of that heart.
Better accepted and left unquestioned.
Betrayal or burial. Accept neither.

Affairs of the heart,
Leave a mark. If it isn’t love,
Its stranger too. But question not
Break on through.