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So much more

18 Feb

Spinning; spinning,

The world playing tricks on you
Innocence well preserved
That smile picture perfect
Worth a million gloomy hearts.
Glittering; glittering,
The world lacklustre in front of you
Your eyes glistening in its sparkle
Those eyes picture perfect
Worth a million drops of tears.
Burning; burning,
The world up in flames in front of you
Your words calm
Actions speeding warmth.
Those words in essence perfect
Worth a billion burning souls
You’re worth all those things
And so much more
So dont go slow
Just stay the same
Lets go frame by frame
17 gone by
Lets see how much more we can buy.

Behind the Iron Curtain

2 Feb

Sorry for the long break people but work is really catching up with me! Anyway, this poem was written back in the 10th Grade when I was studying Churchill’s famous speech wherein he referred to “The Iron Curtain” for the first time. Its a name that stuck for 50 years and is what many historians still use to denote Soviet territories from as Churchill put it, “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic.”

This poem attempts to capture and identify emotions held behind that mythical wall through the years of the Cold War. Here’s hoping you’ll enjoy it!

Chase the little boy,
Chase him down the little road. And when you glimpse red.
You fear you may lose your head.

In Prague;
Jump on a bicycle;
Loose your self in the stony streets. And when you glimpse red.
You fear you must salute.

And then in Warsaw; Explore the recent ruins; Admire death camps.
And when you glimpse red. You fear you must obey.

Make it to Budapest;
Savor the best of chocolates. And when you glimpse red.
You fear the voice in your mind.

Live until Moscow;
Raise a toast at the Kremlin. Admire the ancient foods
And when you glimpse red;
You fear you have made it too far.

Look back at the curtain;
It’s no longer there.
That’s because you’ve faced it. And it has rusted away.

A barrier of the mind.
You’ve become red.