The Stoned Immaculate

29 Nov

The mad lights burn furiously,

In strange hues of red, white and blue.
Cars go by; horning angrily
Desperate to get from disappointment to disappointment
Pain looms large in the atmosphere
Creeping up behind the wry traveller;
Strangling him and teaching him sorrow-
He has learnt the ways of the stoned immaculate.
“By lord” cries he
“Show me the steps that lead me to heaven”
The stoned immaculate as he is;
See’s a blinding light coming from down the road
Red, White and Blue.
The stoned immaculate thanks the immaculate conceiver
He is on his knees; tears in his eyes.
His body heats up.
The light gets closer all the while.
It is there it has reached him.
The stoned immaculate has been found.
He is draped in the flag of red white and blue.
A killer and yet immaculate.
The moment of revelation gone.
A killer waiting for the end.
Mislead by the stoned immaculate.
Fooled- fallen prey to patrol car.
Immaculate and yet so willy
The traveller a prisoner.
The killer the victim.
The stoned immaculate…
Emancipated by the heavenly emancipator.
Sent wandering once again.
Set loose like a genie in a bottle
A spirit from a body.
Free…free as the immaculate spirit it is
Searching; Hunting; Destroying
Those beyond Emancipation;
Bonded by the iron chains of their vice
No escape from the immaculate
As it covers the depths and breadth of earth
The stoned immaculate;
Lo and behold
Forever finding itself in a timeless duty
Crossing the boundaries of perfection
Meeting with itself where parallel lines meet
The stoned immaculate all pervading and all powerful
And yet; Born from the crimes of the vice
Satan’s son and Heaven’s worker
Itself in iron chains
The price of immaculation.
The stoned immaculate
An idea; A being; A state of mind
Deep within
Lost with the secrets of time
A gift received for a split second
Long enough to last a life time
The clarity to see the light
The sense to give it all up
The stoned immaculate
A soul stealer
A good-doer
A child of Satan,
It is all these
And yet it is none of these
It is Immaculate.

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