Dreams are tragedies

12 Oct

And in the morning,
We’re struggling to get awake
And the ghosts leave us
Its stuck in there
Dreams of a snowy summer
Dreams of distraught love
And it won’t go away
It’ll be back again tomorrow
When its worse than before
We’ll call it a nightmare
It’ll happen on and on
Untill we make peace.
Till then we’ll toss and turn
Let the night lights burn
Dreams are tragedies

Each night they play out
A love story ending in blood
No winner but only losers
And they all cry, ‘why’?
And the master playwright
In the background; Laughs
Irony and fallacy take the stage
They steal the show
And when the actors go back
To take their final bow

They’re elated to survive the night
But awake next morn without a fight
Because Dreams are Tragedies
Stage rehersals;
For that final night.
Till the playwright’s got it right.
And when pen is put to paper
Destinies are written
The tragedies play out in life
The end scripted to perfection.


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