6 Oct

A land searched for by many

But found by none.

A gallant knight in his youth smelled out money.

Finding Eldorado would be easy and fun.


He spent years and never gave up.

But never making it past the first speed bump.

He crossed the 7 seas.

Fought a billion bees.

And yet was unable to behold.

The ancient city of gold.


He gave up the fight.

And then there was a bright light.

As the path to Eldorado shone before him.

He knew the way but his mind was filled to the brim.


Some called him mad.

Some said he was just sad.

But like any other man

He always had a plan.

He escaped from  his prison

Before the sun had risen.


He took his chance and knelt.

And that was when he felt.

The surge of power flow.

He had no place to go.


But Eldorado was his home.

His mind became a dome.

Caving in any day.

Burning the secrets in the lights rays.


Eldorado was lost

But at a small cost.

For what was lust

Had soon turned to dust.


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