The View from the Top

2 Oct

Standing on top of the world
Staring down at an abyss
Colours flowing; death in sight
Neon blending in with darkness
Blurring the blood and lies.
Blind salesmen selling their wares
Lepers and beggars amongst the trash
A world of dream; eternally
A strange nightmare with rag dolls and stolen lives.
Tormented souls in the backseat of chauffeur driven cars
Looking out into a hollow world
Scarcely fit for a celluloid role
The sewers alive; voices resting against shadows.

Looking at all these from the top
Buildings grey with the monotony of life
Greedy ghouls basking in their glory
Lost success’, cheated genius’.
Charlatans earning notoriety
Colours on their faces smudged
Red, white and blue with a range of other hues
Their faces colourful, bursting
Unlike the hearts of stone within.
Minds bearing the eternal burden of life
A life of love, loss and eternal hope

The taximan of reality
Drunken with perceptive disappointment
Mowing down pedestrians;
Passersby unfazed, moving on
Heads to the ground
Blending back into the darkness

And when you see all of this
From so far above; so lonely; so lost
All the pain, all the anger
Churned as it rises up
Filling your nostrils with the dense
Thick fume of life

The moment on top of the globe
The glowing ball of everything
Simultaneously weighing down like nothing
Nothingness… the elixir of life

That feeling above all of making
The feeling of a King.
And yet, a kingdom reduced
To a world of petty promises and infinite sorrow
And in the end,
The doors of perception open wide,
Dreams and nightmares trickle in
A cold sweat settling in
Hell may seem a prettier place,
Yet Earth isn’t done just yet.

Theres more to come and farther to go

Blend back into the streets of night
O-soft child of eternal bliss
By morning back in mourning
Soaking the surreal stench of life
Dissolving back, merging into hopelessness
Lost in the labyrinth of life.


2 Responses to “The View from the Top”

  1. charu October 4, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    reminded me of slumdog millionaire – baring the bare bones of bombay in powerful words

  2. sujaya menon October 4, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    wow. a very mature view of things around us. Maybe you will get published one day, but that is not the goal, just keep writing.

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