The Conspiracy of Man

30 Sep

It began in hushed whispers,

High up, in heavenly chambers.

When the plot was hatched,

Arose from the ashes of bad ideas

The creature referred to as man.


In a trashcan on a barren street,

Life as we know it began.

Fragile and clueless, the seeds sown

And the baby got up,

Looked in again, a torn hoodie

7 Sizes too big; covered its skin.


Eyes hardly open, the street sorely stale

The thing that was to be man, made its way.

No piercing stare was it spared of

Its journey a life of scare.


And then they look down

Thinking what have they done?

The conspiracy out in the light to see

Man was made by man himself

There was no changing who he’d be


Alas, the snowy winter ‘live again

Threatening to blow down the pane

Shattered glass roars away

This baby, a year older each day.


When manhood strikes, ready is he.

Man is prepared not what to see, but what to feel

Then they’d look up from the skies above

Wondering what conspiracy to hatch


The last one failed and so will the next

Because man mastered his destiny

For him there is no beginning, no end.

No eternal hope or glorious faith.


No, for him, his destiny is done

He’s made it out long before he had come

Conspirers will conspire, and life will go on

But how long will he toy around

Dancing with fire and reading its light

Never wise, never insight.


But who’s to say, without a pinch of salt

All taken away, A blueprint moulded,

Into the concrete of reality


One Response to “The Conspiracy of Man”

  1. Rosalie October 2, 2012 at 5:42 am #

    Rattling nice design and style and superb written content, nothing at all else we need :D.

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