The Grand Disappearing Act

26 Sep

So few knew its eminence,

Yet fewer even cared.
But it was an act in its true sense.
Done, as well as the best.
From the ashes this soul had arisen
It sunk back…Leaving
Dust. Nothing but dust.
People searched? Maybe.
Planned in the mind,
Each detail, as it were to play out.
And it did. In life better.
A felt fedora, ray bans and a coat.
Gone. Would he be found?
Contacts? Easily broken.
No love lost for all those forgotten
A moment spent remembering the ones loved
Not long…Just enough for the 3rd car to pass by
A lost moon…Up in the sky
Dreams washed up against the pastel sand
Faint lights in the background
Threatening to give away…a name
The real one. But there was no real one
Not anymore…It was far out at sea
And with struggling among sharks: reality.
The Grand Disappearing Act was done
The man who’d done it took a bow
From the back of the hall
The audience glaring intently at an empty stage

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